Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What to do over winter break..

By: Sarah Barron

Everyone has their own traditions. Below is a list of what others do over break. Make sure to make the best out of your get away. Enjoy the time off Lloyd! :)

Myself (Sarah Barron): Drink some hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies.
Habsa Dia: Stay inside and stay warm
Isabella Cross: Get some sleep
Mrs. Albrinck: skiing at Perfect North at least once and lay around with her kids.
Mrs. Pleiman: stay in pajamas all day, eat junk food, (sometimes shell forget to brush her teeth.) watch movies with her kids, her kids call New year’s Eve “Pots and Pans day” because they bang pots and pans.
Addison: orienteering
Ginny: bakes cookies and makes a ginger bread house
Jennifer: works
Trevor: hang out with friends and family

Santa in Different Countries

By: Haley Harper

Some people may think the way Santa looks differs from country to country, but in fact most share the common description of rosy cheeks, a long white beard, and a big stomach. In comparison, ethnicities had their own celebrations and names of Santa but all are still alike.

For example, in Russia Santa is called Ded Moroz or Grandfather Frost. In Russia, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th and only few Christians celebrate on the usual 25th. The Orthodox Church celebrates Advent, so their Christmas is 40 days long. Some will fast on Christmas Eve until the first star appears in the sky; some Orthodox Russians don’t eat meat or fish during the Christmas Eve meal. On New Year’s is when “Father Frost” brings presents to the children and is accompanied by his granddaughter. On New Year’s Eve, children make a circle around the tree and sing to Ded Moroz.

In Italy Santa is called Babbo Natale or Father Christmas. The main day for giving presents in on January 6th. Presents are brought by La Befana, who comes during the night to fill stockings. Like in Russia, there is a meatless dinner is eaten by families then a midnight mass. Bonfires are often held in the center of town in southern parts of Italy. Christmas lights and decorations go up as early as late November and are becoming more and more popular.

Christmas is a special times of the year, and many countries have made their own special to their culture and ethnicity. America has their own distinct way of celebrating it, and it couldn’t be anyone else’s but our own!

Which Show was Your Favorite?

By: Haley Harper

A. Looney Toons
B. Zaboomafoo
C. Rugrats
D. Big Comfy Couch
E. Catdog
F. Teletubbies

How to Be a Hero

By Lauren Trevor

There comes a time when one must set aside the meaningless trivialities of life and get down to the really, important matters. Like, world-is-going-to-end, matters. That’s right, it’s time to talk about KitKats. Or more specifically, the correct way to handle and consume them.

Step one: Remove the wrapper. Please. This is the most important part.

Step two: (Pay attention! This is where many screw up!) Carefully break one of the pieces off and eat it. WARNING: DO NOT JUST BITE INTO ALL OF THEM. THIS IS DANGEROUS AND COULD RESULT IN BODILY HARM AND/OR WORLD DESTRUCTION/END TO ALL HUMANITY AS WE KNOW IT. (Refer to figure one on what NOT to do.)

Step three: Repeat step two as necessary.

Step four: Congratulate your accomplishment with a Snickers.


BY: Brent Christiansen

The fall sports` season has come to an end and that means the boys are back to playing the good ole’ game we all love. The boys are ready to have a successful year and have been working on their jump shots, alley-oops, and no look passes. This year the varsity team, unlike last year, has supporting members of Sophomore, Junior and Senior grade levels.

The small but strong senior class is headlined by returning role players and starters alike, all with varsity experience, in Forward/Center Hayden Molitor, Forward/Center Sergio Guttierez, Combo Guard Mike Dunn, Shooting Guard DJ Wright and Shooting Guard James “Money” Viox. This is five more seniors than the team had last year and all are ready to go out with a bang.

The junior class this year, strengthened by Boone County transfer Point Guard Blake Donovan, and their large amount of varsity experience as sophomores, is ready to help the team propel past the competition this season. Along with Donovan, the junior class is boasting the talents of Forward Amadou Yero, and Forward Andrew Kemen. The Junior class has shown streaks of leadership and great talent thus far in the year and are ready to take the team to the next level.

Another large part of the team this year is the very talented sophomore class, with two players starting for the team this year, as well as leading the team in points, are forward Sterling Hamilton, and the returning starter and leading scorer as a freshman last year, point guard Lashunn Townsend, ready to continue his quest for a 1000 point career. Finishing up the sophomore class is guard Derek Cipollone, big man Elijah Jouett, and forward Jonathan Santana.

Along with these remarkable players, Lloyd also has one of the most talented managerial staffs in NKY with Junior Dixie Transfer Davonte Williams and Holy Cross transfer Devan McClendon (both were denied eligibility by the state this season) and myself, Brent Christiansen (season ending shoulder surgery).

The Juggs have started out the season with a below average 1-5 record, but are starting to really come together as a team. In their next two games the Juggernauts with face the Villa Hills Blue Lightning and the Grant County Braves, hoping to pull out big victories before going into the Lloyd-hosted invitational Christmas tournament happening over the break.
Everybody get out to the games and support your Juggs!!!!

Day in the Life of a Pizza Technician

By: Alex Mahoney

Working in food is something that everyone needs to experience at one time or another so that they can completely comprehend what is going on in the back. I hope that everyone does, but this is something to do with Pizza, one of our cultures favorite types of food.

Making a pizza is probably one of the most complicated things you can do in your life. You have to first stretch out dough that doesn’t want to be, and then you have to roll it so that there won’t be any bubbles in the pizza, probably the hardest part. After you get through that you sauce it up and spread it evenly, which leads into cheesing the pizza and the toppings, then it can go into the oven.

However, if you can’t handle a high level of stress then this is not for you. The pizza life is one only the select few can handle, so if you think you can I recommend you think long about such a choice.

The life of a Pizza Tech. is something very few can handle, be wise with your life choices. Pizza will rule your life or you won’t have any free time, that is what the pizza life is truly about.

Arnett Elementary, the Time of a Life

By: Alex Mahoney

During my time at Arnett I never thought that I would make it this far in my life, or be this ready for what has come out of high school, but here we all are in high school. We’re getting ready to go out to the real world thanks to everything that started in Arnett.

We all know that it was the best schools around; it might not have been the best equipped, but it was definitely the schools with the most pizazz.

Arnett had teachers that would go out of their way to help you no matter what, if you didn’t understand something they wouldn’t stop until they knew you had it. They would go the extra distance just to help students.

But of all the reasons I could say as to why it was the best there is one that stands above the rest. It was a place where everyone got to make friends and come together and start coming into their own. That is why Arnett is the best school around.

Lady Juggernaut Basketball

The Lady Juggernauts are back at it again. So far the Lady Juggs are 4-2. They have beat Newport, Bellevue, Henry County, and Cincinnati School of Preforming Arts. They have a busy week ahead! Thursday they will take on Heritage Academy, Friday they will face Covington Latin, and Saturday they will go against Bishop Brossart.

There are 6 seniors, 2 sophomores, and 4 freshmen on the varsity team this year. I asked senior Jordan Gentry what it was like to be a senior playing basketball, and Jordan said “the hardest thing is there are a whole bunch of freshmen, but we are starting to bond as a team.”

The girls had their first official practice on October 15th. They have a study session on Mondays until 4:30 then practice until 6:30. The rest of the week they practice from 3:30 to 5:30. All of this practice and hard work will pay off for our Lady Juggs. “For the first time in many many many years we will have a winning record” Jordan said optimistically. Good luck ladies in the rest of the season. Go Juggs!

Old School

Mr. Kellinghaus

On the left is one of his senior pictures, on the right is his prom picture, and in the middle is a baby picture of him with his sister. Mr. K graduated from Dayton High School in 1991. During high school, he loved playing music, swimming (he was a lifeguard), running, tennis and “trying to find Mrs. Right...” He sure did find his Mrs. Right, his prom date, his “high school sweetheart” that is now Mrs. K.

Mr. K dreamed of being a pilot or an astronaut.

Mr. Pilgram

On the left is a picture of him in Scheben Gym when he was 18 years old. In high school he loved hanging out with friends and leading the Lloyd basketball student section with “mostly appropriate cheers!”

On the right is a picture of him at Disney. He was 22 years old and a cheerleader for NKU. At this time in his life he “enjoyed studying ALL day, going to class, and NKU Basketball.”

We see both of these men every day, but this is what they were like back in the day. We can see some differences and some similarities from then to now. They haven`t changed all that much!

You Go 300 to 0 Reallllll Quick

By: Jordan Gentry and Aryan Overstreet

As the season of giving has quickly overcome our minds, we have found a relief from all the stress: online shopping. Online shopping is quick, easy, and definitely a relaxing way to spend to all your dollars.

One of the most thrilling aspects of online shopping is waiting for the package to get to your house. Nothing is better than coming home from school and seeing a little brown box on your doorstep. It`s a present from the gods above (and also the reason you`re broke).

Even though pay day comes and goes in one day, online shopping is always there for you. J Even when you`re broke, you can visit the sites you need and save the items in your shopping cart. Trust us; they WILL wait for your pay day to come around again.

One great tip is to always check RetailMeNot before finalizing a purchase. Helllllo save a little money!

Online shopping is a way to make you broke and happy all at the same time. What more could you ask for? More money to online shop again…….