Monday, September 22, 2014

The Real Erika Ludwig

By: Andrew "Bigfoot" Stookey

 We all know the tall and blonde Ms. Ludwig. If you’ve ever had AP Literature, you know how devilish she can be, despite her cheery attitude. She’s one of the greatest English teachers in Lloyd, possibly the world. But everybody has secrets, and Ludwig has the most horrifying of them all.

 Well, today I got to have a private talk with Ludwig herself, and I discovered a few things that have never been revealed to the public about her, things that should never be known.

 Let’s just get one thing out of the way before I start. Her name isn’t Ludwig. She was born Erika Blüdwig, raised in a small Transylvanian town by her vampire aunt and uncle. “Ludwig”, as we shall call her, is only half vampire, but it explains so much. 

 Ludwig, as we all know, has a stone cold heart. Turns out she literally does. Rock solid. Her care for anything not related to English is below zero. She also doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight, and hates it when she’s compared to Twilight, so never mention those novels or films to her.

 She also has a vampire’s appetite. As I walked into her room during lunch, I noticed a jar of red objects: baby hearts, pulled straight from her victims during her nightly rampages. One thing she doesn’t eat, though, is garlic. 

 “I don’t eat garlic,” she says “but only because it makes my breath stink.” Ludwig threatened me to assure you that she always has perfect smelling breath. 

 It can be hard for her, though. Every morning is a struggle for her, since she can’t see herself in the mirror. That explains her messy hair every once in a while.  Sometimes, you’ve just got to feel sorry for her, despite the fact that she is a half-blood sucking vampire.

 “Sometimes you don’t choose the vampire life, the vampire life chooses you,” Ludwig said, right before kicking me out before I could find out more. (She’s not a real blonde!)

Battle of the Bands

By: Alex Mahoney and Andrew Stookey

 The summer hit “Rude,” by Magic seems not so much a hit after hearing it played about a million times, with the same few lines. But after a thorough listening of the song, a true connoisseur of music can tell it’s nothing but garbage wrapped up nicely

 For one, it is literally the same exact beat throughout the whole song. No deviation in pitch, rhythm, or tune. It has too much consistency. When it comes down to it, it sounds the same during the whole song.

 The sad thing is, that’s how all music is these days. The same things over and over and over again. No variety and it`s getting old. We need some new music. And that’s where the Red Hot Chili Peppers come in.

 They are the obvious band of choice for any listener. They have multiple number one hits, such as “Higher Ground,” “Give it Away,” and “Dani California.” Each one of their Greatest Hits has had a different feel about it, not the same repetitive beat.

 When you bring it back to the Peppers they truly are where it`s at. People don’t seem to recognize true talent these days and that is what is truly upsetting about this generation. All we want is repetition, nothing new like a story being told or an event, just mindless nonsense.

What’s Poppin’ with Student Council

By: Habsa Dia

 Student Council. Who are we really? Lloyd’s Student Council is a secret organization within the school responsible for several events and fundraisers. This year's events include the Moonlight Homecoming and a rewards program that will be featured in the next issue. The upcoming fundraisers we have planned are Candy Cane Grams in December and Buy a Crush for your Crush in February. The money raised will go toward the rewards. 

The elected officials are President Lauren Trevor, Secretary Aryan Overstreet, Treasurer Hayley Osborne, and myself as Vice President. Lloyd's Student Council is also comprised of class officers and any student who wishes to partake in the meetings. Mrs. Lawson is the overseer of the group. Compared to last year, Student Council has a great turn-out of members. 

“There are more people this year, so it’ll be harder to control these people without an iron fist of love and authority,” says Lauren Trevor, senior, “Mrs. Lawson is stricter about attendance, which is a good thing. [Because there are more members] there’s more of a representation of the student body."

 “Student council is the most awesome student organization you can join,” says Mrs. Lawson.

 If you have any new ideas, questions, or would like to join, we urge you to talk with your class representative, a current member, or Mrs. Lawson.

Singing into a New Era

By: The Trouble Twins 

 It’s the dawn of a new era – in Lloyd choir instruction that is. That’s right! We have a brand new chorus teacher. Please welcome the chorus teacher, Matt Taylor. He comes to us from Cory-Rawson High School, a very small high school in Rawson, Ohio, where he taught kids from kindergarten to high school level.  In total, he has taught seven years.

 Like all great stories, our hero comes from humble beginnings, and in Mr. Taylor’s case, he began his adventure as a lounge singer on a cruise ship. After which, he taught in Atlanta, Georgia.  He then traveled to Ohio and later to Erlanger so his girlfriend, and eventual wife, could live closer to her family. Soon after, he ended up teaching at dear ole Lloyd Memorial. 

  “I like it [teaching here.] It’s really great and awesomely unique,” Taylor says.  
 He was surprised at how students at Lloyd seem to be more likely to help each other out and stick up for one another. A very unique trait, indeed.  He enjoys helping the equally unique students preform to the best of their abilities. Rock on, Mr. Taylor!

 While on the scene, Mr. Taylor was able to give us an insight on some upcoming choir events. On Sunday, September 21st the Lloyd Choir team will be performing at the annual Heritage Day Festival at the train park. And if you can’t make it then, no worries because they will also be performing a Fall Choir concert on October 21st with the middle and elementary school choirs. See Mr. Taylor for more details and remember to support our choir team as they sing their way to fame. 

New Yearbook

By: Jordan Gentry

The new school year has arrived along with a new Yearbook. Yearbooks this year will still be as good as ever. Luckily, the price this year has dropped from $60 to $30! The yearbook will remain a hard-back book, so you won’t have to worry about ruining it! 

The school has changed companies to make the yearbook more affordable for all students. Lifetouch [the new company] allows for Parent Brags from seniors parents (information will be sent out soon). Also students can send in pictures to Mrs. Hawes to be featured in the yearbook (must be from a camera not a phone).

 Forms for the 128 page, colorful Yearbook can be found in the Library and Front Office.
“The more we sell, the cheaper we can sell it [the Yearbook] for,” expressed Mrs. Hawes.

Purchase the Yearbook before January 1stfor a price of $30, after January 1stthe price will be $35!

The Do`s and Don`ts of Homecoming: Ladies` Edition

By: Aryan Overstreet and Hayley Osbourne

Want to have an amazing time at homecoming? It`s really simple, unless you disregard the social do`s and don`ts of this great night. 

-keep your clothes on
-wear spandex under short dresses
-make sure you can sit without
 popping your zipper
-dress formally -pick a dress you like
-follow the music
-switch up your dance moves throughout the night
-sing to your favorite songs
-be confident
-get excited
-be Beyoncé

-lift your dress up
-sit there
-start drama
-dance with someone else`s boyfriend
-conga dance the whole time
-ruin everyone`s night
- scream (especially when you see your friends…like you saw them yesterday…..)
-let your date ruin your night
-stand in the center of the dance floor
-dress to the theme exactly
-freak out if someone has the same dress as you (you look better anyway)
-bend completely over and shake your body
-reveal everything
-fist pump to every slow song (it`s not as funny as you think)
-be Miley Cyrus

 Also ladies, keep in mind that if you have to hold on to the wall to dance, you probably shouldn`t do it. You can still pop, lock, and drop it in a tasteful way. Don`t forget to have fun and enjoy one of the four homecomings of your high school years. Remember, you won`t get that opportunity back.

“If you leave homecoming with your hair and makeup still in good shape, you did it wrong” (Senior)

“I was part of the “train” once…..worst seven seconds of my life” (Senior)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Rewarding Summer Experience at the Dominican Republic

By Isabella Cross

One Lloyd High School student had a unique experience over the summer. When many Spanish students were offered to join along in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, one student jumped on the opportunity.

Jasmine Rider, senior, seized the opportunity to venture out of the country to help those in need and to practice speaking Spanish as well.

She was very grateful for all the support that she received during the beginning process of the trip. “Three people donated $200, we paid $300, and the rotary club paid $100” said Rider. “I also emailed a lot of people like family.”

“We visited an orphanage for children with disabilities. We [also] visited a preschool and brought them books and candy and drinks and got to hang out with them,” she said when describing her experience.

When asked how her Spanish classes contributed to making the experience more rewarding, she responded, “It helped a lot when people tried to talk to us. I got a lot of hints from what they were saying from what I learned in Spanish class.”

Overall she expressed that her experience was very eye opening. She was very surprised to learn first-hand how people in impoverished countries have to live. During her short couple of weeks working with many different underprivileged children she gained a new perspective on the world that she would not have acquired without this trip.

“It really changed my views to see how rich people in America are. Even poor Americans have homes, but the poor people [in the Dominican Republic] live in the street and there are babies with their mothers that don’t have much clothes on.”

“Even cows and animals have their ribs showing and it showed me how good we have it here.”

New Pre-School for Erlanger-Elsmere Schools!

By Isabella Cross

There is a new and exciting part of the Erlanger Elsmere School system! A new preschool was opened on September 2 for the 2014-2015 school year. It is open for any 3, 4, and 5 year old who are preparing to enter kindergarten. There will be full day or half day classes available Monday through Friday. This is a great opportunity for younger children to prepare themselves to be successful for Kindergarten to the 12th grade. There has been much praise for how well the teachers have been interacting with the children. Mrs. Glass, school counselor has a 3 year old daughter in the program. She said regarding the school, “I love it!” She likes the small class sizes which are about a 6:1 student teacher ratio. She also likes the convenience of it because it goes until 6:30 so she can finish her work after school and pick up her daughter when she needs to while knowing her daughter was in good care.  She said that the teachers are pretty amazing. The children enjoy learning and play while they interact with other children their age. This program will be setting up our local children to become successful while they still have fun. So next time you enter 3rd hallway don’t be surprised to see students a little smaller than you’re used to!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dress for Success

By: Aryan Overstreet and Hayley Osborne

Yes, we know, we don`t technically have a set dress code, but there are still rules that should be followed. It can be hard transitioning from hot, summer fun to sitting in the classroom, but you can and need to do it. It may be hard to believe, but there are different standards from leisure to education. 

* No crop tops
* No low cut shirts
* Rips in the wrong places are a no
* Lace with no boundaries= no
* See-through pants, leggings, shirts, anything= no
* Shorts and skirts should be worn at a respectable level
* Pants stay at the waist (not below)

“It`s not vulgar…but it`s like displaying” Mason Martin (freshman)

“Underwear stays under. I don`t care how cute your belly is; I don’t want to see it. We`re not at the pool.”   MRS. ROBERTS

“Put the twins away” anonymous

“Crop tops and low leggings….why at school?” Olivia Dowling (freshman)

“Ladies, look in the mirror before you leave. If you look like you could go pole dancing after school, change!” anonymous

With all of these tips, please use your best judgment. These are not just suggestions, they are demands.

Lloyd Volleyball Launched Back Into Action

By: James H. Viox V

 The Lloyd Memorial Lady Juggernauts volleyball team is underway in their new and exciting season. The Lady Juggs started their season off against an always tough Holy Cross team in the 9th Region Touchstone All “A” Classic on August 18th. The Juggernauts faced a very tough defeat against a very talented team, but fought hard. 

 Along with a new season come a few new additions. These additions include new head coach Brittany Li Calzi and new JV/Assistant Varsity coach Heather Krebs. Also the new school year brings new freshmen players. Out of teams 14 players, 8 of them are accounted for as freshmen. They bring a lot of new and up and coming talent.

 "We have potential to do great things, but it's going to take a lot of hard work, improvements, and execution to get us to the point where we want to be." Addison Viox, Freshmen.

The Juggernauts only have one senior this season, Payton Brown. She'll have plenty of weight to carry on her shoulders this year. She'll be one of the main contributors of the team’s improvements and will really need to push her team to meet some of their high expectations.

“We are a young team so I’m really looking forward to grow as the season progresses. We are very capable at winning a lot of games this season” Brown, Senior.

Jasmine Huntley, Junior, states, “We have a lot of tough competition this year. Out of all the teams we’ll face St. Henry, Holy Cross, and Newport Central Catholic will be toughest battles”.

 As the Juggernauts begin their season, they`ll have matchups against Newport High School (Home) on September 3rd, Ludlow High School (Away) on September 4th, and Saint Henry (Home) on September 8th. All games should be intense and interesting. Go Juggs!