Friday, January 24, 2014

The 3rd Hall Blues!

By: Ashley Crupper and Naomi Hillard


There was news, here and there, about you,

Well, that’s because you were the utter opposite of new.

And we hadn’t really thought much of you and where you were placed,

Only because we hated falling right on our face.

You were definitely crammed and you stunk,

And, trust us; it was not just the freshmen funk.

Don’t get us wrong, you were cool,

You were 75% of the school.


We grew to like you because you’re where all our classes were,

There are plenty of memories, everyone agrees, I’m sure.

Some good ones, and some bad, a variety of sorts,

We ran up and down your hall to condition for sports.

We’ve spent 3 years in your hall, and have grown to not care

Because there are absolute and inevitable thoughts that we share.

But, as seniors, we miss you because you were really all we had.

The new hall, oh gosh, it just makes us mad.

We look down the hall and think about those days,

With our favorite classes, our favorite times, in those favorite ways.

I’m sorry that we left; it’s not our fault we promise,

Just know that it’s always going to be you that we miss!


Bryson, Don’t Touch Me

By: The Females of The Tatler

Bryson Hicks. Ladies, learn this name; This is a public service announcement for all of you. See, Bryson has the tendency to try and kiss people , often against their will. Yes, he face rapes. He claims that it is because he is just “too dang sexy” to be held back. Well, the problem is his “sexiness” isn’t desired by all. Bryson, if you’re reading this, we would like to lay down some rules for you.
1. DON’T TOUCH ME– By “me” we mean all of us and the female population in general. You’re “sexiness” is just too much.
2. DON’T TRY TO KISS ME  Again, this goes for the female population as a whole. Keep your lips to your self.
3. DON’T LICK  ME  Bryson, you know why this one is on here. Destiny McMillan,  we’re sorry we didn’t lay this rule down before he got you.
4. DON’T TALK ABOUT FEMALE ANATOMY– This makes people uncomfortable Bryson. Stop it.
Bryson, really, this is for your benefit. We wouldn’t want you getting maced. These rules do not only apply to high school girls, but college girls as well.  When you’re on campus resist the urge to smooch every girl you see, we don’t want to hear about you going to jail for harassment. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t make it in jail anyway. We understand that “everyone wants you” and that they often have “difficulty” showing it, but they don’t want you to attack them. There is a point where that goes from being funny to creepy. You’re at that point and we’re trying to save you from yourself.


Senior Spotlight

By: Kylie House

Adam is recognized for doing well in school, treating people in a kind manner, and being a leader on the football team. I asked Adam the following questions.

What’s your favorite class?

“My favorite class would be IC3.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“I like to weight lift.”

If you had to choose between Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes who would you choose?

“I would choose Miley Cyrus because Amanda Bynes is dangerous.”

What’re your plans for after high school?

“I’m going to a two year community college and then get my masters at a four year school.”

What is your favorite thing about Lloyd?

“I like the community because everybody gets along and it’s a friendly place to be.”


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cheap Halloween Costumes!!!

By: Shelby Green

Did you wait last minute and don’t feel like putting in the effort and money into a Halloween costume this year? Still want to wear something creative and funny? Here is a list of dumb, funny, and cheap costume ideas that you and your friends can try out this year for parties and trick or treating.

*       Get a lot of purple balloons. Wear a green scarf. Be grapes.

*       Get a white t-shirt. Write life on it. Hand out lemons to people.

*       Get a black marker. Right “TIME” really big on your face. Be Facetime.

*       Get a white t-shirt. Write “milk” on it. Put on vampire teeth. Could possibly get fake blood and carry around a block of cheese. When someone asks who you are, say “The Vampire Dairies.”

*       Get a short, light brown wig, a solid colored hoodie, put make up on that will make you look sick or old. Spray a tiny bit of water on your face to look like sweat. You’re “Beiber Fever.”

Have a happy Halloween!


 By: Ashley Crupper

It’s a known fact that everyone loves to watch Halloween movies this time of the year. It’s also a known fact that ever since we were kids, Disney channel provided us with the best Halloween movies. But, Halloweentown is by far the best. Halloweentown is a film about a witch named Marnie Piper whose mother, Gwen, discourages anything Halloween related. Marnie’s grandmother, Aggie, is an expert witch who wants to begin Marnie’s witch training. Marnie has no idea about her abilities. Aggie reads Marnie and her siblings a bedtime story about a witch who closely resembles Marnie and she starts getting ideas. Gwen and Aggie get in an argument because Gwen doesn’t want Marnie to ever know about her powers, but Aggie needs Marnie because people are disappearing over in Halloweentown, where Aggie lives. Marnie over hears the two arguing and follows Aggie over to Halloweentown and begins her training behind her mother’s back. Gwen eventually warms up to the idea of Marnie beginning her training and together, the Piper family defeats Kalabar, the demon that was freezing the missing people of Halloweentown and trapping them inside of a theatre.

Kyle Grant- “Best Halloween movie of all time.”

Walker Goins- “Fantastic children’s movie. The skeleton in the car was pretty cool.”

Laura Finke- “Favorite Halloween movie EVER. Except for the one where Marnie goes to college. That one was stupid.”

Ian Little- “I didn’t start watching it until like two weeks ago, but I like it.”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Trick or Treating

By: Laura Finke
Whether you are going Trick or Treating or passing out candy here are some fast, simple tips. 

1. Do:  Wear a costume, and not a just a Halloween shirt. A shirt saying “I’m a costume” isn't one.
 2. Do:  Be original with your costume. Perhaps make one instead of store bought. The point being to stand out against the costumes you see every year.
 3. Do:  Use your younger siblings to trick-or-treat. It's a good excuse to go if you're worried that you are too old.
4. Don't: Just stay in your house. Enjoy Halloween.

5. Don't: Be the house that passes out toothbrushes or raisins. You don't want to be labeled as “that house.”
6. Don't: Eat all your candy in one night. Sure if seems like a good idea until you throw it back up.
 7. Do:  Have a haunted house if you're passing out candy. Be a house with a fright; the ones that use to scare you on Halloween.
 8. Do:  Confuse trick-or-treaters. When the door bell is rung come out and said trick or treat with an open bag and see what happens.
 9. Do:  Have a lot of candy ready for the trick-or-treaters. You don't want to be the house that runs out of candy...

Haunted Houses

By: Kylie House

 It’s that time a year to get free candy, dress up in costumes, and go to haunted places. Halloween is the only time to experience haunted houses. There are so many haunted housed to go to this time of year. Some haunted houses are the Dent school house, Fear Fest, and many other local places. They are nothing compared to Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  If you want a real scare go to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville, Kentucky. Waverly Hills was constructed to house tuberculosis patients. It is now haunted by the spirits of the previous patients. Many paranormal encounters have been reported there which makes it even freakier. You must schedule a visit one week prior to get a tour there. Tours include a full night tour which is a hundred dollars and a half a night tour which is fifty dollars. You can also do public historical tours which are twenty-two dollars to tour. On the tours it will include every floor there so you will have the experience to view everything in the building. If you are up for a thrilling experience filled with paranormal activity Waverly Hills is the place for you.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Come on guys, let’s go to the Lounge!

By: Senior Naomi Hillard

We have a change shooting towards us this 2013-2014 school year, ladies and gentleman. A new place to dine, instead of the school cafeteria! That’s right, it will most likely be held in Mr. Haynes and Mrs. Brady’s old rooms, in 3rd hall. I’m talking about some foosball and other games to get excited about. But they do not stop there, my friends; there will be a microwave to heat up your yummy lunchables, or your food that you saved from a restaurant! Although the faculty and Principals are not too sure about how the criteria will be worked out for the upcoming Student Lounge, they have jotted down some ideas for what the lounge will contain. Mr. K mentioned that him, Mr. Key, Mr. Reihman, some teachers will be talking with each other about how they plan on working out what students will be able to join in the fun. You do not want to miss out on this, kids! Make sure to be on your BEST behavior just in case that’s the only way to get into the lounge. Maybe you can talk to Mr. K if you have any ideas for him? You and a group of friends could persuade him to put a coffee maker, and coffee in there (which is what I may do), or tell him to put some comfortable chairs in there so we can seriously “chill”. We could decorate the lounge so that the teachers know it belongs to us!? Let’s get creative and excited for this new idea because it’ll be coming as soon as possible!
“I’ve been waiting to be able to heat up my food that I bring in for lunch! This is awesome.” Nia Evans
“Yes! I can heat up my lunchables!!!” Naomi Hillard
“I’m so ready for this, comfortable chairs, here I come!” Caitlin Carter


By: Naomi Hillard

This volleyball year has been some sort of difficult because of the loss of our tall girls that we had last school year. Our team has become plenty of people shorter than it was when I was a freshman. But enough about what is wrong with our team because we have perks, plenty of perks; we work as a team, we talk as a team, we run as a team, we walk as a team, we play as a team, and we win as a team! I love my team, they love me. Judging on how we play in a game, we are great. We’re confident, and can hit very decent. I and the three other seniors very much appreciate our team this year/season and are going to miss the sport. What exactly will we miss, you ask? I have interviewed all of the seniors, including myself.
Caitlin Carter (# 21): “I am going to miss high school volleyball overall. My teammates are like my family, and you’ll never get that strong of a bond anywhere else. I am going to miss how passionate we all are, and sharing that passion with the other girls! I will most definitely miss my number and hope that it will be passed down to a girl that loves the game as much as me. I’m going to miss having seniority over the team, that’s a great feeling because you get to lead with the rest of the seniors (and it’s also funny making Payton mad). No matter if I go to college to play volleyball, this will ALWAYS be my number 1 team!”
Alexis Taylor (#10): “I’m going to miss having the close relationship that I’ve formed with my team throughout the years. I’ve been playing with these girls for so long, and they are like a different type of family to me. We are all there for each other, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to spend so much time with. I will also miss the irreplaceable feeling that comes along with winning a rally, scoring an ace, or making a kill. I’ve become so passionate about volleyball, and it’s something that you have to be a part of to understand.”
Naomi Hillard (#7):  “I will for sure miss doing what I do best, spiking. I’ve always felt something about volleyball that I haven’t felt in any other thing that I do. I’ll miss the crowd in the stands that cheer for us every game. I’ll miss having a number on my back, my favorite number I might add. I’ll definitely miss my volleyball family, especially Payton Brown! I’ll miss how big it has become, I love them girls. I’ll miss playing the sport because I’m so excited when I play it. I’ll just miss my senior year being filled with my favorite sport!”
Haley Binkley (#3):  “I’m going to miss just being on the court in general. I loved being in the back-row and having a clear sight of the whole court. I’ll miss all the excitement when we put the ball down and come together. Honestly, I’ll miss standing out with the different color jersey. I’ll miss Naomi too, that’s my wife. <3 I’m going to miss playing another year of volleyball with Alexis, Nao, and Carter. I’ll miss saving the ball on a bad play and picking up the super hard hits. (They sucked…. A lot) I’ll miss it sooo much, especially my seniors and my setter (Payton Brown).

Freshman Advice

By: Ashley Crupper

Hello, Class of 2017! Welcome to Lloyd Memorial High School. You have officially began the best four years of your life, if you play the game right. I've interviewed several seniors to gather some advice to set a solid foundation for success in your high school careers. Good luck and enjoy because it's gone in the blink of an eye.
Hunter Schaaf: "Take your classes seriously because what you do now will either make your senior year easy and fun or difficult."

Mikayla Giordano: "Enjoy every year to the fullest because it goes by very quickly. Take your school work seriously because it does matter and it will make or break you."

Sarah Duncan: "Take all of your classes seriously. Do your best in every class. The hard work will pay off in the long run. Enjoy high school, before you know it, it will be over."
Caitlin Carter: "Do not get caught up in high school drama, it takes away from your school work and it's just a waste of time. It won't matter tomorrow. Stay on top of your assignments, the worst thing you want to do is fall behind because it's a struggle to get back up."

Misa Mason: "Take a shower, you don’t want to be known as the freshman who smells bad. Study for your tests and quizzes, you can’t pass if you don't and please don't hang out with your B.F.F. in the middle of the hallway. You're in the way of everyone."
Destiny McMillan: "Don't screw around at school. Your grades are important and everything you do matters."